Proof Indian Half Eagles

Proof Indian Head Half Eagles were made for collectors at the Philadelphia Mint during the years 1908 to 1915 inclusive. The highest mintage proof coin occurred in 1910 when 250 pieces were produced. The lowest mintage year was the final year 1915 when only 75 pieces were produced.

All Indian Half Eagle proof coins are rare and in strong demand by specialized collectors. During the short production history, the Mint had experimented with several different types of proof finish, which adds to the overall challenge and appeal of these coins.

The proof coins struck in 1908 are the matte proof type, which makes striking quality hard to determine at first glance. Unlike earlier Proofs, they were not reflective, and hairlines are not as abundant as on the 19th century Proofs. The years 1909 and 1910 resulted in only a single matte proof version for both years, presumably a striking test. Regular 1909 and 1910 Proofs were struck with a Roman finish, which shows some reflectivity, but still less then earlier Proofs. Matte proofs were the only type struck from 1911 to the final date in 1915.

Proof Indian Half Eagle Mintages

1908 167
1909 78
1910 250
1911 139
1912 144
1913 99
1914 125
1915 75