Proof Indian Half Eagles

The Philadelphia Mint struck Proof Indian Head Half Eagles (Buy on eBay) for collectors from 1908 to 1915. The highest Proof mintage occurred in 1910 when 250 pieces were produced. The lowest mintage occurred in 1915 when only 75 pieces were produced. During the short production history, the Mint experimented with several different Proof finishes, which adds to the overall challenge and appeal of these coins.

The Proof coins struck in 1908 featured a matte finish. Unlike earlier Proofs, the surfaces of the coin were not reflective due to the use of a special grain powder. From 1909 to 1910, the majority of Proofs for the series were struck with a Roman finish, which shows some reflectivity, but not as much as earlier Proofs. For the remaining Proof issues from 1911 to 1915, a Matte Finish was once again used, although during this period the Mint experimented with the size of the grains used in sandblasting.

In general, all Proof Indian Half Eagles are rare and in strong demand by specialized collectors. There are also two unique rarities included among the group. During the years 1909 and 1910 when Proofs were struck with the Roman finish, one piece for each year is known with the earlier Matte Finish. The 1909 Proof Indian Half Eagle was last sold at auction in 2012, while the 1910 piece resides within a complete set of 1910 Matte Proof gold coins.

Proof Indian Half Eagle Mintages

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