Composition and Specifications

Image from Coin Page

The Indian Half Eagles are struck on gold planchets with a composition of 90% gold and 10% copper. Uncirculated examples weigh 8.36 grams and have a diameter of 21.6 mm. During the course of the series, coins were minted at four different Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, New Orleans, and San Francisco. The “D”, “O”, and “S” mint marks can be found on the reverse of the coin to the left of the arrows. Philadelphia coins do not have a mint mark.

The edge of Indian Half Eagle coins is reeded, but the rim of the coin is not raised. This caused many coins to acquire contact marks from handing, which makes locating pristine examples often a challenge.

Dates: 1908-1916. 1929
Mint Mark: none (Philadelphia), D (Denver), O (New Orleans), S (San Francisco)
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
Weight: 8.36 grams
Diameter: 21.6 mm
Edge: Reeded
Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt