Indian Half Eagle Mintage

Indian Head Half EagleThe Indian Half Eagle mintages range from a low of 34,200 to a high of 3,423,560. The denomination was minted at three different branch Mints with 5 years of production at the Denver Mint, one year of production at the New Orleans Mint, and nine years of production at the San Francisco Mint. Coins were produced at the Philadelphia Mint each year the series was produced except for 1916.

The 1909-O is considered a key date of the series due to its low mintage of 34,200 pieces. However, another example with a higher mintage is even more valuable due to extensive melting which occurred. This is the 1929 coin struck in Philadelphia.

Below is a table of the mintage figures for the Indian Head Gold Half Eagle. These figures represent coins struck for circulation and do not include proofs.

Indian Head Half Eagle Mintages

1908 577,845
1908-D 148,000
1908-S 82,000
1909 627,060
1909-D 3,423,560
1909-O 34,200
1909-S 297,200
1910 604,000
1910-D 193,600
1910-S 770,200
1911 915,000
1911-D 72,500
1911-S 1,416,000
1912 790,000
1912-S 392,000
1913 915,901
1913-S 408,000
1914 247,000
1914-D 247,000
1914-S 263,000
1915 588,000
1915-S 164,000
1916-S 240,000
1929 662,000